David Vega

Trip to Far Bongo - Sept 12-16, 2018

Praying for the household.

Praying for the household.

 Hello brothers, God bless you and your family. 

As some of you know we just finish a trip to one place call Bongo, for us is a 2 full days hiking (in theory), I was supposed to go with 3 more Indians (Bernabe, Alexis, and Martin).

Allow me to give a background of this trip to Bongo.  Two years ago we heard about a place that is deep in the rain forest, we started to try to find a guide to take us to that place but we didn’t find him, we needed to find one for we did not know our way there. Then , if happened, Bernabe found one man that has family in that place, so Bernabe planned the expedition to Bongo.  At the beginning there were 10 Ngobe signed up for this, but as I like to say, emotions burn fast, at the end just 3 stayed in the plan, as well as myself.  

We where excited with this new expedition, personally it was one of my dreams to be able to go deep into the rain forest and jungle sharing Jesus to others that don't know about Him, when I met the guide, the first question a made was, Do you know who is Jesus?... and his answer was, I just heard His name but i don't know who is he, my heart just got sad and happy at the same time because people are getting lost, but happy that God put this team together in order to sent them to that place.

The trip was this past Sept the 12th to the 16th, we where ready to go, but I couldn’t make it.  This past  June I hurt my ankle in a mission trip and since then my ankle is not ok, I thought I could but it was not going to work.  After two hiking hours it started to hurt, so I thought “two hours hiking vs two days hike?”, so I took the difficult decision to let the team carry on, I talked with Bernabe the situation, gave him my camera, the GPS and batteries and asked him to take every information about the place and I returned with a heavy heart. But....

When they left I saw the answer to one of my prayers to God, to see more Indians disciples reaching their own and go to difficult places, places where neither latin or foreigners can go.  Please keep praying for these disciples.

Now the report from the trip. 

That day the guide’s family received the Lord, the name of the guide is Eliberto, a total of 6 people conform the family and all of them said “Yes”, therefore a house of peace is in place, where the new church can start to blossom.  There are 200 people in the village and there are more in the surrounding villages.  The team was able to visit 3 different villages in this trip. Names and geographical coordinates are at the end of the report, you are welcome to visit them.

Now the plan for this place is as follows.

The plan is that in the next trip we may be able to send more natives, Bernabe will search for true disciples, ready to become a SEAL team for the Lord for those places, the ministry is to provide for their travel expenses and what is needed to complete the task and surely I will try my best to join them next time. 


David Vega

edited by T.Vega

Geographical coordinates as follows: 

Bongo: N 08º37.932’W 081º48.197’

Canoa: N 08º39.998’W 081º48.191’

Guayacan: N 08º40.628’W 081º48.077

some videos from the trail.




video from the village


video of Bernabe 



You can see how difficult is the trial in some pictures and will see Bernabe and his team praying for people and share Jesus, they took these pictures.

Mission Trip to Raton

Mission Trip to Raton

Mission Trip to Raton

CP X-treme tripsTrip Report


Hello my friends again

I hope everything is good and the peace of Jesus be with all of you, The ministry is coming in partnership with a beautiful church settled in Costa Rica.  For the ministry is a pleasure to work together with others Latin American brothers, the name of the Pastor is Dany and he is an amazing leader, the purpose of this mission trip is to strengthened and do follow-up with the church in Raton.

Centro Daira, Daira 2 and Quebrada Venado Report

Centro Daira, Daira 2 and Quebrada Venado Report


Hello my Friends again.
This month we had a team of 16 member from the US, together with a team of 5 translators we were able to reach out to three communities, these areas still do not have a church in place.   At the airport the team had to leave almost all their working materials for the airline would not allow the two bags they were entitled to bring, there was an embargo or something like this.  So in this occasion we had to do it the old way, the Bible and the Holy Ghost, what else we could have asked for.  We were ready to see God, and that we did.

Guabal Update / April 2017


Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 12.25.28 PM.png

Upon my return from Costa Rica, we visited our missionaryMateo, who is in Guabal, just to visit with him and learn how was his family.  Bernabe, my faithful friend joined me in this journey. 

We had a good surprise as we saw how nice was the road, unfortunately the advance is only 20%,  :)

Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 12.24.45 PM.png

Our arrival to Guabal was really nice,  at first sight we could see the results of the offering given by our partners,  the missionary home where Mateo and family live, is already looking good with a new kitchen place and a new bathroom (in a month time will be complete).  Is good to part of such a blessing, together with all those that gave for this to be a reality.  

They were very happy with our visit and spend time with them as well as with the beautiful church members, hungry to do their best forJesus.

Different people came over to say “hola” and share a cup of coffee accompanied with stories that talked about the Good News.  


In the evening we had a time with the leaders and went over some basic teachings with them.  We also talked about, Why are we Christians? What is the fuel of our faith? What is that, that motivates us to keep on going?  

These were key questions in the lives of the 15 + leaders and disciples that were present.   Their answers to my questions were interesting, fear was the common word, and that is because their cultures fear is present, they grow with it; they are afraid of satan, afraid of the witch, and many other things.  It was important and fundamental to reassure them, through the Word, that our fuel should not be fear, but love, love to our Savior and the one that took our place on the cross.  As we went through the Scripture and the sharing, their faces started to change, joy and peace could be seen.  Our gathering started around 8pm and ended past midnight, just sharing about the Bible and questions that arose from the sharing about proper relationship in marriage, how to be a person with a good testimony, including that your “yes” be yes and your “no” be no, etc. 

This kind of trips are very important, to be able to sit with the church leaders, because as leaders we also need advises, encouragement, love and above all search for God’s wisdom in His Word for their is hunger to learn and hunger for Jesus. 

Thank you sooooo much for keeping us in your prayers, we deeply appreciate your love shown to our family and ministry.  

God bless,   David Vega / Panama