Started in Africa:
Born in Panama and together with my husband, Moises Vega who is now with the Lord, committed our lives to the lordship of Christ in 1984, while Moises worked as an engineer in a remote area of North Africa. In 1986, instructions such as “As I blessed you, go and bless my work” came from the Lord.  Together we began to witness to Muslims, Denka and Shilluk tribes.  All these, was done after Moises working hours and with the collaboration of brothers from other countries stationed on site and with whom we met almost every night to pray, study the Word and plan the work among these people groups.

During our time in Africa four churches were strengthened, a construction ministry initiated and two new churches planted among tribal groups. It was an exciting challenge being the wife of, both, an engineer and cross cultural worker. God blessed the work and without knowing it, we started our missionary call.

In 1991 after my husband faced persecution by the security police, the Lord directed us to return to Panama. He gave us specific instructions such as, “We were not to have secular work, but serve Him on full time basis” and "you are to bless my work and work with my people". He promised to provide for all our needs and He has done so.

The following four years was time for getting to know pastors, congregations, different ministries and mission organizations, which God used to equipped us through trainings and on the field experiences.

In 1996 the Lord opened doors for us to represent the Bible Society of Panama in three states in Panama. We also were introduced to E3 Partner Ministry (formerly Global Missions Fellowship - GMF). Several other ministries joined us with the same vision of serving the Panamanian Church by equipping, developing and mobilizing the church to go, make disciples and plant churches were needed.

We are a bridge ministry to connect local pastors and lay leaders with U.S. Churches and Ministries to partner and be part of completing the Great Commission.

Our Lord has allowed us to work with two people groups, the Ngobe or Guaymi and the Nasso or Teribe People, as well as with Latin Churches. The work with e3 was expanded to Costa Rica, Nicaragua and El Salvador, a work based in II Timothy 2:2.

Since 1996 more that 1000 precious brothers and sisters from U.S. have joined with Panamanian churches. Together we have seen more than 14,600 souls walk from darkness to Light.

I thank the Lord for Moises Sr, more than a husband, a father, a friend, a teacher and so many things, God used him to train us so we can carry on the ministry even after his departure to be with the Lord in January 2011.  

In Sept. 2012 the Lord opened doors for me to attend and receive leadership training at the Haggai Institute at Maui for almost four weeks.  This has being a blessing that will follow years to come and has benefited the ministry in many areas.   

Our prayer is for the Holy Spirit to ignite a Church Planting Movement in Panama and that by working together, Panama will continue to be a blessing to the nations.

Praise the Lord for my (our) kids, each one of them assisting in different areas, technology/financial (Moises & Jose), directly in the ministry (David), praying and finishing their studies (Ruth & Talsy).

We give all glory and honor to our heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus, our Lord and Savior, that has brought us together so we can accomplish what He has called us to do.  

Written by Talsidia Vega G.