Moises was born at Puerto Armuelles, Chiriqui on the 18th of June 1950.  Graduated from high-school and went to live at Panama City with his sister Gladys, where he started working as an encyclopedia seller.  Later on, doors were opened for him to go to Mexico where he finished his studies as an Industrial Engineer w/option in Mechanics, graduating in 1976; came back to his home town where he started working with Chiriqui Land Company (CLC) the producers of Chiquita Banana. Through the CLC he was sent to Denver, CO where he learned English in six months, returning to CLC-Panama to continue working.  In 1979 meets Talsy, when she accepted a job with CLC as Material and Control secretary.  Got married three months later, while being transferred to Tela Railroad Co. in Lima, Honduras.  Later in 1981 the Vegas got transferred back to Puerto Armuelles-Panama; three months later they decided that was time to be free and work on their own, so they got Lazarus truck and a 6 wheel truck, and went to live at the highlands of Chiriqui.  It was good at the beginning but after a year or so the big truck broke down, adding to that, their marriage was falling apart and they had a debt with the bank.  What was happening?

All this was used by the Lord for His purposes.  In 1983 God opened doors, through one of Moises’s sister (Rosario), to go and work at the Sudan, North of Africa.  Moises went as an Engineer and under a bachelor contract.  A year later, Talsy, that was left back in Panama, wanted the divorce; God uses this for Moises to ask permission to take his family to the Sudan, because of his good performance, the permit was granted to him.  Talsy travels to Sudan with Moises Jr for five month, not without before committing her life to Christ again.  During their time together, God intervenes in such a way that Moises receives the Lord, as his Lord and Savior,  restores their marriage, gives them a call to serve among the people groups present in the area at that time, people running away from the civil war in the south of the country, (Denka, Chilluk, Nuer), provides them with an excellent translator (English, Arab and different dialects) an evangelist that accompanied them after working hours, and helps the Vegas to make contact with many Pastors of different denominations.  In this way they started a ministry based solely in the Book (the Bible), following examples and directions given by God to his people, believing that the same Word written more than 2,000 yrs ago was and still valid today.  So many stories to tell.

In 1991, the Vega family, composed of Moises, Talsy and three boys, received instructions from the Lord to return to Panama for they were to “serve His Church and work with His People”, something they learned to do since the day they met the Lord until today.

Moises was a visionary, a man that would not leave things undone, persuasive for the Kingdom.  His heart was for the unreached places, how was it going to be done? not an idea, but he trusted the Lord for guidance.  A disciple maker, with a servant heart, had nothing for himself, for he himself belonged to the Lord until the day in which he was called home.

Left a legacy to his family, an example to follow on determination, zeal for God’s things, a wisdom seeker, applying correction when needed.  Trustful husband, wonderful father and above anything, a priest of his household.

Loved fishing, the beach, reading the Word and books as well.  Enjoyed sharing, you would spend hours talking to Moises; what he shared? Vision, experiences, topics, he had so much to talk about; Moises challenged people to think, that is why it was hard for him to get to the point in a conversation, he would talk about everything leaving you with the question, But where or what is he trying to say? At the end of the conversation you would have learned something from him. 

Those who met him, will have always something to remember him for.  We thank the Lord for allowing us to have him for 62 years as a person and 32 years married to him.  Thank God for blessing us with a friend, a mentor and a brother or sister to him, and to us, as a family.

God bless you.

Thanks for your love, 

The Vega Family
Missionaries to Panama

Written by Talsidia de Vega