April 2017 Report

1. T4T Training in Costa Rica:

Is good to tell you how was our time in Costa Rica.  Mateo and Hector went with me, they are hard workers in the ministry,  we went to Costa Rica for a training about how to evangelize make disciples and plans churches more effective.

God expanded our minds and gave us a new refreshing time, not just for me but for Mateo and Heitor too.

Our small team of three with brother O'Connor.

From day one we agreed to, look, hear and learn everything we can, but with an open mind to what God wants to show us.  Trying to find God in everything and trying to hear His plans. Because at the ends of this training I will like to heard how God is showing you how to use this tool, and this is how we started the training; with a mind willing to hear God and how He wanted to use everything we were going to learn.

Our time was a real blessing, we learned so much but better than that we now know how to use these tools, we have a strategy that we going to start to use in Mateo's and Heitor's places.

In Him,  David

2. YWAM Translation:

The group integrated by students around the globe including Ngobe from the mountains. 

The group integrated by students around the globe including Ngobe from the mountains. 

Two weeks translation, besides been a challenge is spiritually enriching.  One of the things I take pleasure on doing besides evangelism and discipleship is translating,  for in some way in builds up the life's of others as well as mine.  

The first week was dedicated to "Relationships" with others, with God and with ourselves.  How attitudes affect our surroundings, our communication with the Holy Ghost and our life is affected consciously or unconsciously.

The second week, well, is something we all want but little we understand  how this works, and is "True Freedom".   In Him we have been made free from the guilt of sin, but because we collect things as we grow and go through life, it becomes hard to believe that we are truly free.  Understanding the lies the enemy made us believe up to the point in which they become part of our core of beliefs, is when our true freedom starts.  He made us unique in Him and His heart is for us to grasp His desire to brings us back to that uniqueness we have when He is the all in all in our lives.  

Thanks so much for praying, our heart is to be able to serve Him full-hearted.  The migraine  was gone for the rest of the translation time, Praise Jesus.  

In Him,  Talsy 

3- May

May is a month in which a lot of coordination needs to be done, for at the end of May and first week of June, we have the first graduation from the Bible Institute coming and at the same time we have a small team that will be doing some construction at the Balsa's Church building, because the summer wind blew it down.  In the second week and five days after the Bible Institute and Construction team leaves, a youth team from Alabama will join us in order to break the ice in Hacha and try again to start a preaching point in this small area. 

Your prayers are important to us.  Pls pray for good weather, grace before the local churches, community members, schools etc.  That our hearts may be sensitive to the Holy Ghost guidance. 

In Him and until He comes back again.  MGPanama.

"... for by grace have ye been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; 9 not of works, that no man should glory."  Ephesians 2:8-9