Haggai Institute Training Guatemala City, Guatemala - Jan 26 - Feb 1, 2019


I am so grateful with the Lord for opening this opportunity of receiving a training of this level and becoming one of the International Facilitator for  this ministry, which vision overlaps with ours for it is based in Mathew 28:18-20.

It was challenging joy to be at this training, even-though there were moments in which I felt like running away, but to be a participant of this intensive training was and is a big blessing. The assurance of God’s word in Jeremiah 29:11-12 encouraged me to be totally open to what He had in  store for those days. The future is definitely in His hands and I am open to it.


I will continue to equip with a different understanding of what a facilitator should be and do. All of my heart should be after His heart and hope that I be worthy of His trust to carry on His calling, a calling I learned to love and enjoy as it was modeled to me through out the years serving alongside him, my dear and missed husband. The vision of evangelism in everything we do has being there since the beginning, a life style that actually is His DNA given since the moment we decided to be His follower.

I have been refreshed, renewed and most of all reconfirmed. What a privilege to serve alongside soldiers that do not back up in their call to  follow Him as children after their Father’s heart. In this training, our mind set changed from being an instructor or teacher into a facilitator, tools for facilitating were taught by our Prof. Arthur D. Chief Learning Officer for Haggai Institute. We all had to expose our subject, in my case it was “Mandate” based in Matthew 28:18-20, we all were evaluated, corrected and finally expose with all the corrections made. As I said it was challenging and for some of us, we had to change most of our presentation based in what we received. Awesome!

In total we were 16 from different countries of Latin America, a taste of heaven I would say.

All thanks to Him and to you, that have prayed and have been a support through out all these years. Thanks.

In Him and until He comes back again.

Talsy Vega

Mission starts with you.