Monthly Report

January 17-24 Update / 2018

We had the blessing of having a small team (4) that came to be a blessing.  They are dear friends from long time ago (15 yrs), we met them when Crossridge Ch used to be Little Elm Baptist Church and they came to bless the mountains with a medical/construction team.  They came for a week and joined us in the outreaches that were programmed for January, besides that, they did some repairs at our home.  So we have broken the report in short sections:


1-  More of Christ Celebration - We went up to Raton as part of the Christmas celebration done with Elconix but this year the pastors coordinated everything.  The blessing of seen 170+ come and hear the Gospel with the program that Pastor Simon has is unmeasurable.  We learned a different way of sharing God's love and make the classes interesting.  The same day a similar Celebration took place at Alto de Jesus with Pastor Rey Camilo and reported around 45 kids in attendance.  Praise the Lord!.

Virgina, Pastor Simon' wife.

Virgina, Pastor Simon' wife.

2-  Women's Teaching - Grace was the main theme of the retreats and sharing we (the team and I) had with the women at Raton, at the Women's Jail and a small church led by Pastors Joel and wife Jennie.  Teaching about Grace, Faith, Love, takes back to the Cross, for you get to learn new things you did not see or did . not get the first round, such as a deeper understanding of 1 Cor 13 and the description of love; take each word and share about it is always a learning/dying process.

3-  Home Repairs - Since time was short no big project was done but enough as to repair things that needed to be change such as door frames (termites), door replacement, putting up a new door where needed, things that otherwise I would have had to look for somebody to do them.  God blesses us by placing loving people in our life's, and through time they become part of you by the love that bounds us in Christ.

Thanks be to our Lord for this time of sharing, teaching, learning and serving.  In Him always,


B&PSchools /Bible Institute.

B&PSchools /Bible Institute.

B&PSchools /Bible Institute.

Bible InstituteMonthly Report

October 23, 2017

Hello my brothers in Christ.

The Bible Institute held every four month started this las Oct the 11th - 16th, it was wonderful, the new students were eager to receive their first class / module named “Trust and Obey” that talks about Theology, how the Canon was put together, the criteria the different books had to go through in order to be in the Canon.  It was just so edifying.