Asbury Mission Team / March 23-30.2014

Asbury Mission Team / March 23-30, 2014

After my coming from the States the preparation time started for the trip to the Chiriqui mountain chains. David stayed at Madison, AL in order to have time with the Church there and with the team that was getting ready to come down to Panama.

Two preparation front, David at the USA and me in Panama. What can come out wrong?...

The north eagles arrived safely, 13 of them and got together with the pana eagles at the entrance of San Felix, jumping on the 4x4 we started our journey to Raton, our headquarters, from which we were to reach out to two communities.

For those that have come on prevoius years, a trip that use to take 6 hours through muddy, rough road, now was done in 2-1/2hrs, all because the road has being paved all the way to the entrance to Hacha. Awesome.

We met with Pastor Simon from Raton and got settle at the outside of the church's building. The site was beutiful and so clean but the strong wind made our staying very interesting. In some ocassions the team had to search shelter at the church building for the tents were not going to make it through the week, but we survived. Our work with the kids started next day, from which our Lord gave us 5 young men that said yes to the Lord.

The purpose was accomplished eventhough some members of the team got sick due to the hard hiking and the strong sun, that was not so much felt due to the cold strong wind going on. One of the purposes was to reach out to Switche with the Jesus film in Ngobe, work with the school kids and hut to hut visitation. From this work a family of ten gave their lives to the Lord and eventhough we had no communication a sister from Raton that was at Switche came to Raton with the news that her dad and family had come to the Lord, no e-mails or fax and the news got to us even before the team from Swithche told us, that is the Lord!!!!.

The other purpose of the trip, was to repair some of the plastic tin from the church at Rincon, so the team that was at Switche swap places with the team at Raton and driving with David to Rincon did the job, also they showed the movie and did some home visitations.

The trip was tough on David and he fell sick with high fever and shivering, we all believe it was isolation but anyway the Lord got him back in shape next day.

Our Lord allowed the team to spend one night at the beach of Las Lajas and the highlight of that night, was the baptism of two team members, it was a gift. Then, the same night our Lord gives us a treat, five wild horses run down the beach, in front of us, wow what a sight.

This team has being a gift from the Lord, they had a servant heart, each one of them have a calling in their lifes from God and it was nice to see in the last night, at the top of the hotel, they prayed for each other and worshiped the Lord in Spirit and truth, being there filled my heart.Thanks so much for lifting us up us in prayers.

The churches have being so encouraged, ministry calls have being confirmed, lifes have being changed, David proved to himself that he can coordinate and lead teams and we had a taste of both sides of mission.

There is so many other things to share, that as John said, there will not be enough space to write all of them.

Awesome, just awesome. !GLORIA A DIOS! !THANKS SO MUCH!

Talsy & Team

"Cast your bread upon the waters,

for after many days you will find it again"

Ecclesiastes 11:1.