Churches planted ten Year ago... - April 29, 2014

Churches planted ten years ago...

Ten years ago, Pastor S. Jackson recruited a team of young students, Todd Calaway was among them (today a Pastor) and Moises Sr.'s brother, Ricardo Vega, together with the rest of the team, visited Raton, Madrigode, Tolote and Hacha with the purpose of starting at least a small group of Christians.  The team went back to the states after spending a week in these areas, with out really knowing if the new believers would continue to meet.

Last Saturday David together with 3 north eagles, Pastor Simon, Pastor Catalino and wife Aurelia, Bernabe and others, that as they went joined them.  They went back to Madrigode, Tolote and Hacha in order to track Moises's trail and find new places of ministering.  The hike was tough, exhausting, draining but still they continued and fulfilled the purpose of the trip, plus:

1-  Found that small churches, remembered the first time some white people dared to go and bring the Gospel to them.

2-  Those that committed their life's to Christ then, remain together with their families.

3-  These small churches need workers with knowledge in the Bible to go and teach them for they still have many gaps in thier faith.

4-  For the next time, the team needs to spend more days in each area, that means that a two week trip needs to be planned.

They shared the Gospel with around 85 people from which 2 said "yes" to the Lord.  The need is great, help us pray for Ngobe missionaries willing to go to the other side of the mountain and teach them what it has being learned from the Lord through His word.

"Some time later Paul said to Barnabas, let us go back and visit the believers in all the towns where we preached the word of the Lord and see how they are doing" Acts. 15:36