Hacha Report - June 11-16, 2017

Hello, good to greet you.  This last week we had a team from Alabama, Asbury, whom we love deeply,  the purpose was to go to Hacha and brake ground and for that, using VBS with the kids was important.  A new generation needs to be impacted in order to change the future of a people group with their own.  Hacha is a Mama tata/mama chi governed area and, a new group among them has arisen, they call themselves as “cruzo ley” or the law of the cross; it is more as a denomination within the mamatatas.

The results overwhelmed us and we rejoice for them as we saw:

New born christians: 23.
Children that attended the VBS: approximately 140.
Number of people opened to receive Bible Studies: 7.

There was a great spiritual warfare for we were in the midst of three believes and they have control over many villages in the area; they came to visit us the first day, all dress in many color tunics; that was their first contact and visit of our arrival day.  

But the Lord had something even greater in store.  The first night a young man, Ishmael, stood up and received Christ (not common among them).  When the team went out hut to hut we could see the hunger there is, for hearing, learning and believing in Jesus but because of fear it is difficult for them to step in faith. That was our first experience.

On our third day while I was giving the cooks what was needed for that day, a woman and her husband came requesting prayers for a son whom was ill, I asked them when would they like us to go there, they said “now”, so at once we went to their home to pray for their little one.  

At our arrival to their home we shared a few stories of how Jesus healed the sick and the importance of Faith; we got ready to pray for the family, when I saw Rosa with tears in her eyes, at first, I thought that an insect had bitten her eye but then I noticed that she had tears in both eyes, mmm this is strange, one insect in both eyes? Strange; but no, !she was crying!, so I asked them if there was something we needed to know before praying?  Luis, her husband, said “yes, I have something to say, my wife believes the same as you do but I am not fully convinced” so we stayed and conversed with them and made a few questions, he said “I believe” and received the Lord, him and his household.  After that, we kept talking about Jesus as the only way and how important is having Him in our lives as Lord and Savior.  

Luis removing the mama tata crosses.

Luis removing the mama tata crosses.

I noticed crosses from the mamatata witch-man around his house, so I talked with Luis that now that he has Jesus in his heart he needed to get rid of things that can avoid him from following the Lord fully, for example those crosses, Luis got up at once and said “then, let’s go and throw them away.”  Wow, my heart cried and burst for the Lord was allowing us to see this (the first time for me to see).  It was raining hard, but that did not stop our cleaning up of the crosses, since then that family attended every meeting held, they are hungry for the Word.  So much to share and little space do so, but pray you are bless as much as we were.  

“Our God is greater than any other god”  He touches the deepest of one’s heart and brings forth radical changes as we could see in Luis and Rosa.  Thanks so much for Asbury team and Carl for coming and serving alongside with us and your prayers, so much needed; indeed, thanks so much for your generous giving, that allows us to do what He has called us to. 

Our Savior peace be with you.

Written by David V. / MGPanama