Centro Daira, Daira 2 and Quebrada Venado Report

In search of lost souls.


Hello my Friends again.

This month we had a team of 16 member from the US, together with a team of 5 translators we were able to reach out to three communities, these areas still do not have a church in place.   At the airport the team had to leave almost all their working materials for the airline would not allow the two bags they were entitled to bring, there was an embargo or something like this.  So in this occasion we had to do it the old way, the Bible and the Holy Ghost, what else we could have asked for.  We were ready to see God, and that we did.

Let me share with you a little big about what Gods did in this week.

Venado:  Venado has proven to be a place to test your faith in the Lord.  Having Mama Tatas around looking to what is been done, attending the meetings with a vigilant and empty look makes you thing about "what are they thinking?". This year our cooks became to be our sisters, what a joy.  Besides that the kids are so open to the Gospel, this new generation is the one that will make the difference in these mountains; they are free in expressing their feelings and thoughts.  Prayers are for the older ones, for the Holy Spirit to open the eyes and ears of their hearts to the truth of the Gospel.  In conclusion people understand and believe but their is doubt in their hearts; brother William told us that it was because they are surrounded by Mama tata all the time.  Strongholds need to be brought down in prayers.

Gospel Presentation: Men 26, Kids 74, Ladies 12.

POF: 2 adults, 37kids

Night meeting: 70 (adults + kids).

Daira 2: 

In this second year of our going there, was strange for we expected for someone to be waiting for us in order to help us carry our things up the hill or at least to welcome us.  Well, it did not happened, Jonas together with Alfonso had to carry some of our things and recruit some to help us carry, it was not easy but we made it to the school.  The teachers welcomed us and assigned us our place to stay and guess what? This year we had a new kitchen, beautiful one,  our cooks where introduced to us.  The ladies were much more opened this year and having Jonas in our team all the time was a breakthrough with the men.  Our Lord allowed us to see a couple baptized and Alfonso who came as a translator from Hacha surrounded his life to Christ and was baptized.  Hut to hut was done and the afternoon meetings too, as well as the showing of the Jesus film at night.

I have read about Jesus showing himself in dreams to Muslims but having one of our cooks share a "strange dream" she had, thrilled my heart, for I knew that man in white robes was my dear Jesus.  "This man, handed me a hammock, but this hammock was not tied to any tree, it came from up above and he told me, 'this is for you, I look after you, I take care of you'.  I asked what she felt while in the dream with this man? "I felt secure, incase in a bubble of love, but not a love from man to women, it was different" , this opened the door for spiritual talk.  I shared this with Mateo so he will follow up on her.  Sweet.

God Presentation: Ladies 12, Kids 79, men 10.

POF: ladies 2, men 2.

Night meetings : average of 47 (adults + kids)

Baptism: 3


Centro Daira:  

Most of the visits made were to follow up on the last year's conversions.  In this area there are a lot of people.  Still the seeds planted need water.  Pls pray for Mateo and team (Lazaro, Daniel, Alfonso and William) so they can work together on this follow up.  Results as follows:

God presentation: 70Kids, 50 adults.

POF: 30 kids.

We are not counting the result from last year, this year the discipleship program starts with them please be praying about that.

There was floating team, that rotated between the areas in order to evaluate, support and show films . I had the opportunity to be with the Senior Pastor and the Mission Pastor from the church that send the team, they have been serving alongside with us for 20 years and they have planted lots of churches, this new 3 areas are the new ones that we are trying to reach, but are hard places. Is was good to see how people are open to receive the Gospel but most of them have fear to accept Jesus.

God is raising up leaders among themselves; for first time I can see indians that are been discipled and they are discipling others.  Please pray for us so we can be of support for them in the best way.

In the begin of next month the followup program starts, please pray for strength and that God send people that want to follow and serve Him.

Schools Supplies:  Our Lord also provided the funds to supply five schools with things that will help them in their teaching to the kids.  

Thanks for your prayers and support in in this ministry that belongs to God.

The peace of our savior be with y'all.

MGPanama team

"On arriving there, they gathered the church together and reported all that God had done through them and how he had opened a door of faith to the Gentiles" Acts 14:27