Follow up to Balsa - Sept 2017

 Hello my friends, is good to say hi again.

This time I was in Balsa, doing the follow up with the church. 

This is a church that was rebuild with an American team, but as the church needed rebuilding from the outside is necessary to do it in the inside too.  For you to have background, the pastor that used to be in this community sinned and the “matata” religion took advantage from this, at the moment there are 5 member from this church that are been discipled, hopefully one or two of them will start the Bible Institute with us next month, God is doing amazing things in this place people are hungry to hear more and more from God.

We taught on, what is to be a Christian?, What is to be a church?, The unity of the Church as the Body of Christ, and more. We had around 20 to 30 persons in the lessons and during the nights we had around 50.

God opened the doors for a church to support Bernabe to take care of this place until one of them are ready to take the leadership of the church.

Things to pray for.

1. That God give strength to His church in the mountains. 

2.  That God raise leaders hungry for Him.

3.  For Bernabe to have strength to keep the hard work in the mountains.

4. For us, that God give us strength to be a support to His church and keep serving them.

5.  For my missions trips this month, I have 3 more mission trips to different areas.

6.  For wisdom to all member of MGPANAMA team.

Blessings as together we serve Him,

David E. Vega