Guabal Follow up trip

October 19, 2017

Guabal Report

Hello my brothers in Christ, my time in Guabal was very good, is the place where our missionary Mateo is serving at the moment.

Guabal night meeting.JPG

The purpose of the trip was to do follow up to the work and see how the ministry can help them better, right now we are working in 4 places.  Mateo is trying to develop disciples so they can help him to reach all these places.  These places are growing fast others very slow, but people keep on meeting and that is very important.

In the Bible Institute in Monte Lirio there are 4 future leaders attending classes.  Making disciples is a slow process 

We sat down with the leaders at the Guabal Church and some leaders from the other villages in order to talk about “How does a Healthy Church looks like?”, and “How the community suppose to see the Church”, we talk about how the mother church needs to help the daughter churches and how to be one so the world can see Christ in us.   


It was good to see them understand what the Bible says.  The pastor and leaders say that now they understand they failed as a Church and they will change so God can be glorify in the work that they are doing. 

Lorenzo  received Jesus 3 days ago, and he is hungry to know more and more about God and what he says is, that he is new in Christ but he wants to do something for him, Praise the Lord for people like that. Let’s pray that he may grow in Jesus.

In the discipleship classes in the different places Mateo has reported that he has been visiting the three new areas together with the Bible Institute.  As was reported two months ago, about the difficulties on acquiring the books needed for the Bible Institute, well, praise the Lord that He showed us a new way of getting in contact directly with the ministry in charge of making them.  So now Mateo has books that will last him for almost two months of classes.

Thanks so much for making all these things possible.

Written by David Vega on behalf of the