Zambia, Mozambique and Scotland Report

Vision in Action



Yes, that is correct, our first place for ministry was some where into Mozambique territory, close to the brother with Zambia, and this was possible because the village chief, who is a christian, provided with the proper permits, It took us around 5 hours to get there, one car stuck in the sand and a flat tire.

They had a conference of churches where 19 churches walked long  distances in order to get  together to pray, worship and hear what God has given us to share in a specific village.  We were divided in groups, men with men and ladies with ladies, the youth went with a Pastor that came from Uganda to join us; the day was very productive and could see God in these people.  

I also had the opportunity to speak to a Mozambican Pastor in Portuguese, I could remember little but we understood each other.  The sun was not an obstacle, neither having to sleep under the dark sky; for them, to stay late at night and getting up very early in the morning to pray, worship and dance is a joy.  One thing is for certain, God made the Africans with a lot of music in their hearts and they express it with everything they have.  We saw 25 souls walk from darkness to light. 



In Lusaka, Zambia’s capital, our Lord allowed the training of 50 women on the 411 (an easy and reproducible way of sharing Christ and equipping other), to share Christ’s grace and love.  The team was assigned to share at three different churches on different days.  The last sharing was an event of around 1000 women that got together in a specific church from different areas of Zambia to hear two foreigners share the Word.  The theme was based in grace and love, forgiveness and restoration.  It was a splash of joy at the end when nearly 40 women came forward seeking for restoring their relationship with the Lord on a different ground, self forgiveness.  These precious women have a heart of worship and some of them carried chains that were broken that morning.  Praise the Lord for His unfailing love.  



From Zambia we had an eight hour flight to Edinburg and even though I am not too excited about cold weather, I enjoyed our time there.  Our Lord allowed us to be part of a prayer time as the beginning of a new baby church close to the Edinburg Palace, the place is a small business that opened the establishment for this new church to start, !exciting!.  Also the Sunday before leaving Scotland the Lord allowed us to be part of a service,  as a team we are so grateful to the Lord to be witnesses of these things, for the baby church is conformed mainly of Africans and the church on Sunday are brothers and sister from India, meeting at a building that belongs to another church.

The challenge in Scotland is winning their own for Christ.  Beautiful cathedral buildings that tell the story of a past vibrant church, a church that revolutionized the world of then, today are being used as museum or a place to visit.  Scotland is a missionary field, who will answer to the need?  God is mobilizing His Church from other parts of the world to start meeting places or home churches or perhaps bring a new kind of revival to this land in so much need of true freedom.  May the Lord guide with new strategies in order to bring a spiritual awakening, not only to Scotland but to all these countries that once were vibrant with a vision of sending missionaries to the end of the earth.



Back in the USA, our Lord refreshed our lives by meeting with old and dear friends, in order to update ourselves, shared also about new things He has allowed us to go through and pray for each others trusting Him for what ever He has in store for us.


For a long time, one of our prayers is to be able to sit down with partner churches in order to share and update on ministry work in  Panama.  Also share about the local missionaries that are being supported by these churches.  Well, we got to do this with one of them in Joplin, a coincidence? not at all, it was God’s timing, and not only that but got to speak to the youth that were meeting that day.  Praise Jesus, they are praying and trusting God in order to return to Panama and start casting vision and passion in the new generation.  

It took me a while to put in words what the Lord allowed us to do and see.  Nothing of these could have being possible if it was not because of prayer, encouragement and the proper support received through you.  

God bless you, in His love.  Talsy.