End of 2018 Report



"Christ is the image of the invisible God...through Him reconciled everything in heaven and on earth by means of Christ's blood on the cross"  Col 1:115-20

Blessings, may the Lord keep on blessing you.  This year has come to an end an d I am sure we all have had our ups and downs but all of them have worked for the good of the Kingdom, and our growth in all areas.  There is much to be grateful for and in this report, our heart is to share a few testimony referring to what our Lord is allowing us to do in Panama for His glory. 



The P&B SCHOOLS is an umbrella to the Bible Institute in the mountains.  The purpose of this School is to provide Theological Training to pastors that have limited resources as to attend an Institute down the mountains for it represents financial commitments for them, something that most do not have.  The School is held either at a Church Building or a School depending which is most suitable and with the agreement of the Pastor.  

For our joy and God’s glory, we started with around 45 students this second Institute in another location (Cerro Miel - Honey Hill), and as expected the number is stabilizing to where now there are 35 in attendance.  Recently, two from the area where Mateo (missionary in Bocas del Toro) serves have joined the class and they express how happy and grateful they are to be able to attend the Institute, all because of the generous gift of a Church in the US as sponsor and IBAC as a ministry on the theological side.  This second group is expected to graduate in two years so we deeply appreciate your prayers so they can stand firm until the end and also for more sponsors willing to give in order to open other places.  Church Planting needs to have equipped Christians willing to be taught by the Holy Spirit, and as a ministry, this is part of the vision according to 2 Tim 2:2. Thanks so much.

Reaching Out:

This year our Lord allowed us to start the year with Christmas Celebration for kids in Raton, where Pastor Simon serves.  We had 170 kids and it was incredible how well organized was Pastor Simon with the kid’s ages, the teachings and the calling for trusting Jesus in their hearts; Pastor Simon, besides pastoring, he serves reaching the kids of the Indian Reservation by equipping church teachers and holding events with the purpose of developing a team.  “If we (the church), win this neglected section of our society, we will be preventing many evil things and develop future servants for our Lord," this is his vision. 

Even though the number of international trips have come down some, the work continues and we will not get tired of thanking our Lord for your faithfulness on your partnership not only through finances but prayers.  

We had 2 short term mission teams from the USA, 1 from Costa Rica, 1 national mini-campaign here in Panama with an estimated result of 300 Gospel Presentations, 45 POF, 12 baptism and 2 New areas started.  Also between Pastor Heitor (Guna Indian), Pastor Enrique (Ngobe Indian) and myself there have being nearly  6 trainings with the 411 “No Place Left," where 69 leaders were trained, 77 church leaders and lay people got involve in reaching out as part of the practical part of the training and through these trainings we saw 75 POF and 14 new home churches started.

Zambia gave us (God’s Fruit Ministry team and myself), the opportunity to train the women of four churches on how to reach out in love and grace to others and, allowed us to reach 1,000 women by teaching on self-forgiveness. Nicaragua was a wonderful opportunity to teach on “The Mandate” as top ministry leaders attended the National Haggai  Seminar in Nicaragua in November.

The Women’s Jail, is another area in which the Lord has allowed us to function as a ministry; this year we have seen ladies put their trust in the Lord, inside the  bars; discipling them have not being easy for many are just a passing bye, but our trust is in that His Word does not come back void.  

Bongo,  we can’t forget Bongo! Even though David had to return due to his ankle, Bernabe and his disciple team did a great job on hiking in and out, not knowing where they were heading to but trusting the Lord and their guide, they got there, found a house of peace and started a home for others to come and hear about Christ.

In another page, Mateo also reports from the Atlantic side the following.  He has developed a nice group of disciples with two associate pastors that are assisting in the work at the Guabal, Daira area which is a big area to cover.  This group of disciples have started home churches where the new believers are been discipled.  The devil has come against the group in many areas but the Lord has place His banner with authority.  God has been gracious on putting together this nice team of warriors willing to go beyond the comfort zone.  Pls prayer for them (Mateo, Bernabe, Heitor, Enrique and their disciples), for their families, as they travel and have to be absent from home for days, for their ministry and most of all for God to keep on opening opportunities to share the Gospel.   

Please find the final results for this year.   Any question feel free to ask.  

Gospel Presentation: 1822

“Yes” Jesus: 192

Discipleship classes: 50

Baptized: 35

Trainings / No. of trained: 6 trainings / 169 trained.

Church Building: 1

There are two good news that closes this year.  One is that the water filters are finally here and plans are made to start taking them as door openers for the Gospel.  Second, MGPanama is officially a National Ministry, Praise Jesus! for this.

As we see back in 2018, and recount what He has allowed us to do, it humbles our hearts, and the wonderful thing is that you went with us.  Thank you so much for your partnership, prayers and love. We pray that our work agenda for 2019 falls in place just because of Him. 

Overall, our main prayer request is for wisdom, faith and surrender to His purposes.  In Him and until He comes back again.

Have a wonderful Christmas and a blessed 2019.                        

Talsy and David - MGPanama.