Christ Celebration-Cerro Miel - Ngobe Mountains - Jan 2019

February 1, 2019

Christ Celebration - Cerro Miel - Ngobe Mountains - Jan 2019

Praise the Lord for the things our Lord allows to do.  

It was awesome to see four teams from different places come together in order to host around 250 kids with their parents for a Christ Celebration.  Wow, to be able to share Christ with the kids and see how they prayed to receive Christ was a joy that only moments like this can provide.  Each smile is unique and the moment will not be repeated.

The kids were divided according to their ages, ranging from 4 to 12 years old; therefore we had a team for each age group.  As the kids arrived, they were assign to their correspondent team which already had colors assigned to them, blue, red and green.

Three game station were prepared and one Bible teaching station was also in place.  Each age group was to rotate through each station and end up at the gift station and from there we had a group picture in the form of a cross and ended with a big line of beautiful kids at the food comedor.  Kids ate first together with their team leaders and all the adults ate last.  The food was more than sufficient and we all had a full belly at the end of the activity.  The cooking team was very efficient, we started the prep the night before the event, so next day was easy putting the meal together.  

Pastor Enrique’s coordination and dedication guaranteed a total success to this outreach.


Previous to the activity the David team held three preparation meetings, were we prayed and programmed each stage of the activity.  Our team was composed of 9 from Elconix (Moises Jr company and travelled from Panama City), 13 from David (MGPanama, our home church and another ministry) plus Pastor Enrique’s church team. 

Our heart is filled with gratitude with our Lord for there were no accidents, no one got sick and we were able to return to David in order to return the rented pick up.  

Thanks so much for praying and for asking for updates.  The impact this kind of activity has on the kids is that yes they come for the gift but they take back a greater gift, Jesus in their hearts.

In Him and until He comes back again,

Talsy & David

Mission starts with you.