Community Transformation

Water that changes Communities - Oct 25, 2016

Guabal, the area where our Lord allowed us to start planting churches about 8 year ago with Moises Sr, and today He has allowed us to see many been saved and baptized, in four villages where churches have been started.

Two worries have raised as we go deeper into the mountain,  one is the latrines and the other is clean water; both affect the health of the villagers.  In order to make a difference in the service we do in the Lord, the need to find ways in which these people can be blessed and change the way in which they use their natural resources, remains.

Since two years ago, our Lord placed in our way a ministry, started by a young and daring brother, where their main aim is to build water filters using local materials, train the local to do them and take this tool as a way to enter homes and share the water of life, Jesus.  So in Feb during a Global Mission Conference at Asbury in Madison final arrangements were made for Joel (missionary and founder on this ministry) and two of his disciples from Honduras, come to the mountains and spend five days and hold a workshop, not only to talk to them about the importance of having clean water but also at least, make four filters.

It was awesome, that after the explanation of how we use the water resources, then, how this resource get contaminated and how then, we get to drink it with a bunch of bacterias, that make us sick, their face expression changed.  After this, an explanation on how the filter works, using local materials, so they can provide clean and healthy water for their families.  Enthusiasm was built as the explanation progressed. 

The moment to start building them arrived, the first thing was to make the mesh frames and start selecting the different sizes of stones and sand.  Then the washing of the selected material came, this one took a lot of time, effort and water.  Afterward, the mixing of the cement and materials, pouring in the mold already greased and live it their until next day to dry.  In the meantime, the stone and sand selection continued, they even had to go to the river and carry more material.  Wow, if you have come to Guabal, you can imagine the going and coming up the hill with wet material, no wonder they were hungry by noon.  Every day a new filter mas built, the group was already making plans to where each filter should be placed.

Pouring the cement into the mold, wait for it to dry and then removing the mold were special moment.  The group was even asking at what time should they start putting the filtering materials into the filter.  

Four filters were made, time was enough as to have two installed, one at the house of Lazarus, another one at the home of one of the elders, Domingo.  They will need to install one at the home of Mateo and the last one, they are deciding where should it go to.  The last day we were able to drink from one of the filters, it was fresh and tasted clean.

What is next?  We need to trust the Lord to provide the funds needed in order to start making enough as to create awareness on the need of changing ways in which they think and live; not to change their culture but to improve their quality of life.

Thanks so much for trusting the Lord as you trust the service we do in this side of the world.  We pray for other cultures that are exposed to persecution and are deprived of the Gospel, we do not know until when the freedom in our country will last and we need to take advantage of it.  God bless you as you stand with us in this.

In Him and until He comes back again,

Talsy & David