B&PSchools /Bible Institute.

October 23, 2017

Hello my brothers in Christ.

The Bible Institute held every four month started this las Oct the 11th - 16th, it was wonderful, the new students were eager to receive their first class / module named “Trust and Obey” that talks about Theology, how the Canon was put together, the criteria the different books had to go through in order to be in the Canon.  It was just so edifying. 


The School had around 35 new students and more are expected to start attending in January ‘18; Pastor Enrique is updating them with the first module.   !We are not alone!! Those were the words of some of them, the opportunity to provide teachings for them is a blessing for the hunger to know more and more about the Bible is amazing, you could see them every night after the teaching is finish, sitting together and talking about the Bible and learning more about the lessons.

We know Pastor Enrique for almost 13 years, he is doing an amazing job, the ministry is going to involve him more and see how together more trainings can be done, in order to bring back home those that have lost their way. 

We had 3 full days in learning about the Bible, my mom and I had the opportunity to teach this time.

Thanks to the IBAC ministry and Cross Point Church for all the support and to be part to make this possible.

Please pray for this new group for God give this strength, perseverance and understanding of the Word.