End of the Year Report - 2016

11 For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope. 12 In those days when you pray, I will listen. 13 If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me.  Jer 29:11-13

This verse has been our banner for this year.  Trusting in our Lord for what He had in store was a total adventure; therefore, I will try to summaries 2016, thanking the Lord for allowing this year be one of the most blessed one, since 2012.

We praise the Lord for in the last 20 years serving Him in Panama through MGPanama and e3Partners, His faithfulness is evident, for we start every year with an agenda in place and as time goes, He adjusts the timing and places according to His plans.  

This past year we have seen:


1-  2 More of Christ Celebration for kids where more than 300 kids has received a one day Christmas celebration, playing, sharing meals, piñatas and the love of Christ through the Word that gives life.

2-  The B&P Schools have seen:  3 Bibles Institute Sessions in Algarrobo (Pacific side) and five in Monte Lirio (Atlantic side).  This 2017 the Bible Institute in Algarrobo will graduate its first promotion in June; therefore the Bible Institute will be moved to another location in order to benefit another group of workers.

3-  After almost five years and the approval of the local church, a local pastor has been assigned to the Church in Guabal.

4-  The Lord opened doors to travel to Zambia for three weeks and train around 300 women on sharing the love of God through blankets that tell a story.  At the same time relationship for future trainings on Church Planting (T4T) has been made, I believe this can widen the vision the churches we met have of the mission work.

5-  The jail ministry that is done in partnership with the Chaplains in Panama, has ministered to more than 150 ladies in different events and is currently discipling between 15-20 ladies on the Word.

6-  The Lord opened opportunities for the three expedition teams to come and bless the churches at the mountains and in Panama city, in order to bless the Church and expand His Kingdom.  The results?  Here are some rough numbers 874 Gospel Presentations from which around 316 Professed Christ, 31 Baptisms and started 17 new home churches.  

7-  Through the different trainings given we were able to see, directly and indirectly 98 Pastors and Leaders were trained on Church Planting and on Evangelism. 

8-  Through the School Supply project four schools at the mountains were blessed.

9-  The Water Filter Project took place in partnership with the ministry that is doing the same in Honduras and we were able to see 12 be trained on how to build them, the purpose of them, how to instal them and how to use it as a door opener in order to take the Water of Life to those that have not know God's love through acts of kindness like this, that can bring transformation to families and from there to communities.  We are praying in order to raise enough funds as to have this on regular basis.

10- Last but no the least, David's follow up trips to Madrigode has given as result the strengthening of the church and the building of a latrine for the community.  They rigged the hole and gave the labor and the ministry provided the tools and building materials.  That is what partnership is all about.

11- One hard thing that needed to be done back in May, was to ask one of the coaches to step down from ministry in order to give time to his marriage.  In July God provided a pastor that took his place;  he is a good friend and pastor, he is serving three provinces.


1-  David got his USA visa renewed for another 10 years.  This is good for he will take m place at the e3 retreat programmed for Feb.  Pls keep him in prayers for he will probably will need to talk about the work done down here.  He got married last Nov.

2-  Ruth finished her studies but will need to do a graduation work.  She got engaged to Teo (a good man of God) this past December and project her marriage for Sept.

3-  Talsy finish her nursing studies and will sustain (I hope I am writing correctly), speak about her field service on Jan 14th.  Both graduation, Ruth and Talsy's are projected to be this year.

4-  Moises and Jose's families are doing great.  The business as well, has been sustained and propelled by the Lord himself.  The kids are growing and doing well in school, little Jose will start school this year, going to PK1 (which is before pre-kinder).

5-  As for myself, I am getting ready for my surgery programmed for Tuesday the 3rd.  Trying to program my head for the recovery months ahead of me and also continuing my university and Bible School studies.  Once in while the youth search for counseling, something I am more than willing to provide, trusting the Lord for guidance and enlightenment of His Word.

Nothing of the above could have been done without God's provision, guidance and purpose, and definitely not without you.  We deeply appreciate your partnership with the work in Panama.  Ministering together is a privilege God has given us in this process of growing and serving Him, for His purposes and His Kingdom.

This year of 2017 the Lord already has in store, three expeditions, 2 Sessions of Bible Institute before the first group graduates and start a new area, one More of Christ Celebration,  The Water Filter Project, The School Supply Project, one ladies retreat at the mountains, David's trip to the USA, my surgery, Ruth wedding, the girls graduation.  Time will not be enough, but I trust the Lord for each one of those points.

Thanks so much, may our Lord keep on blessing so we can continue serving together.

In Him and until He comes back again,

Talsy, David, Family and Team