Christ Celebration 2017

Christ Celebration

Good evening, ok trying to sum up the latest events in the ministry and family.

I finally got to sit by the computer and write to thank you so much for your prayers and supportive e-mails. January 5:

1- I am at home in recovery, something I am not use to, but no need to mention, that it is necessary. God has different ways for you to just be still and re-learn to listen, see, praise and pray (talk with Him), besides been in awe of how He has set time to be perfect. The time was now, not before not later, for now is when the girls can look after me; now is when they are free from college to be with me. The boys have been such an encouragement and supportive with transportation, with trying to cook when the girls are not in the house, take turns to watch over me. I can not and will not complain, He has blessed me beyond measure, through brothers and sisters, e-mails and my family. Praise Jesus!!!!!!

2- David, Ruth and the rest of the family and team were able to hold the "More of Christ with the children from San Bartolo. I am sharing a few pictures, but this is a Christmas celebration done in different areas in which the ministry has been serving. the main purpose is to love, serve and strengthen these areas by reaching out to the kids and consequently, to the parents. The team reports to have had more or less 110 kids from different ages. Besides that, another team set the parents aside and witness to them, the team was able to see 45 GP from which 32 said "yes" on their trust in Jesus. Now the follow up remains to be done through small groups. Three communities were represented here.Elconix was a key component for they covered most of the things needed for this to happen besides that, they brought a team from the office that together with ours and P. Hector's made things to happen.