Bible Institute - 2017

Vision in Action

Hi my dear friends,

The Module for this Bible Institute just finished and I wanted to give you a report from it.

Around 20 students attended and in case I have not told you before, this was my first time teaching.  The opportunity was a !wow! moment for me, truly an unforgettable experience, this time we served together with IBAC, whom gave me the opportunity to teach some sections of the module,  “Doctrine of the Church and Pastoral Theology”.  At the beginning I was a little nervous but after a little while it was ok.

This module was a big challenge for the Pastors and future Pastors, at the end of each section they were challenged to a self-evaluation where they had to apply what they learned, asking to themselves, as leaders, what was that, thatGod wanted them to change in order to be better?  In their culture, which is very “macho” ideology, changes can be a sign of weakness and for them this is not an option.  It was beautiful to se how they broke barriers and began to help each other with experiences, also giving advises among themselves, on how to be better in their weak areas; even for my wife and myself, going through this self examination, God spoke to us in nice ways.

This Bible Institute that started about four years ago, is coming to an end; next June some of the attendants will graduate.  For those that completed the course this is a !I did it, with God’s help!. For those that for some reason had to drop, they can conclude that this was not another event, this is an opportunity to be equipped.

We give all honor and glory to God, that this first Bible Institute is coming to an end but we are thrill that another will start in September in another place in the mountains with other students.  We give thanks to IBAC and to Crosspoint Church (Pastor Tod Calaway), for being part with us in this service, of this good work.

The vision with this Bible Institute is that one day Ngobes will be teaching and equipping Ngobes in their own language, the materials are been translated.

Besides all the above, for my wife, this experience was totally new; because my mom could not come Cinthia had tolook after things my mom was in charge of, I think we stretched her beyond her confort area. 

Can you imagine a 23 year old young lady, help to cook on open fire and responsable of the kitchen, making sure meals were on time and specially because she had no experience.  :) It was nice to see her giving all of herself and dedication of wanting to serve the servants attending the Institute, but the most beautiful thing is how God spoke to her while attending the teachings.

Thanks be to God for you that prayed for this Session.

God bless you , 

David & Cinthia Vega