Bible Institute June 5-10

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While the construction team was at work, the Bible Institute team kept on teaching. The module for this occasion was the “The New Testament Overview," where some problems that the early church had, are the same today, how to deal with them and apply the principles found to the issues that arose then and the ones that arises today.

In total we had 33 students and at this point of the Institute we usually do a clean up of the attendance list and come up with a final one, that we hope and pray are able to finish all the courses that still remain to be taught. From 45 students that started the Institute, 33 remain.

Pls continue to pray for us as we seek to do the best for Bible Institute to continue.

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During meal time, the team as a group was able to share the events of the days. As always, the school building was a blessing, for it provides the classrooms and the installations for accommodation, we pray this will continue for the remaining modules.

In Deuteronomy 1 we see Moises reminding Israel of God’s promises of the land and of His presence with them, but in verse 21-33 he reminded them also that God instructed His people not to be afraid or discouraged as they marched and took the land. The spies were sent to see the land came back with a report, a good report if faith and trust would have remained high, but the people felt discouraged and backed up. The result 40 yrs in the desert; it is as if a package protected with plastic wrap suddenly got a tiny hole, that created enough weakness as to rip the thing apart.

Our courage can be damaged as well, if we allow the enemy to get a tiny crack in it and sometimes it might happen but wise is to remember that His presence is all we need, the rest will fall in place, as Moises said “if your presence does not go with me, I will not move” and God said, “my presence will go with you and will give you rest”. As we march together, let’s continue to hold each other in prayers.

Thanks so much for keeping the work in Panama in your prayers and heart. You are always welcome to join us in what He allows us to do.

In Him and until He comes back again,

Talsy, David and Team (Mateo and disciples, Enrique and team, Bernabe and team, Domingo and so many more).