Cerro Miel House of Prayer Building - June 5-10

Hello our Brothers in Christ.

Today I want to share with you what is going on with our partner, Pastor Enrique Javilla.

For some years he has been praying and trusting that God would give him a church building and God opened the doors through Moises's Company, they donated the church building, it was a challenge to do it because at the same weekend in which the building was being put up, the Bible institute was running.  The building was completed in 3-1/2 days.

The same team that came for the Bible Institute, was programmed to have part of the team helping on the building.

Another prayer Pastor Enrique had, was for someone to adopt him, so he can keep doing God's work.

To explain a little bit about the work that P. Enrique is doing, he has planted around 14 churches, these churches are not under any denomination, he has being doing this following we have followed to plant churches.  Well, to come to an end, a family from Switzerland adopted him financially, so he can do more preaching of Jesus’s Gospel, please pray for his family and the family that has adopted him.

Well, this prayer was also answered for a Family from Switzerland adopted him financially, so please pray for his family and the family that adopted him.

Praise Jesus for the way in which He works.

Peace, David Vega

Report written by David Vega.