Community Transformation

Mission to Hacha - June, 2018

HACHA REPORT - JUNE 16-24, 2018

God bless you.  It is good for us to be able to give this report.  

Last year around this time of the year a team from Alabama came to join forces with the ministry in Panama in order to go to Hacha, a small village that is about two hours hiking from where the road stops up on the mountain chain of Chiriqui and Bocas del Toro.  They   went with us trusting in the information given to them, that is one step of faith, camped and ate with the nationals; there was a small number of believers that through years have been getting together to hear the Word in the midst of a  village to be MamaTata.  

By the end of that week a piece of land was donated, that is another miracle.  Through out 2017 another piece of land was donated which was almost in the middle of the village, now that is a big miracle, for the first piece of land was way too far.  The news was given to the USA church and they got to raise the funds to consider the possibility of building the house of prayer in Hacha!!!  It was muddy and cloudy but the work was done.  Only one day the sun came out as to give the time to try hard to finish, Aleluya!


This year another youth team got together and made the trip to Hacha with MGPanama with the purpose of sharing God’s love through the work with kids, the women and men but mainly to start building the so long awaited house of prayer.  The weather did not help much but was generous enough to allow the team (USA, nationals and Latins) to finish 90% of the building, the rest would be finished by the mother church that has been coming to  Hacha for several years now and the group that follows Jesus in Hacha.  The USA team took turns on the outreach and on the building.  God is good.

The result was awesome, 7 POF from all the visits made and the last day 2 took the brave decision of getting baptized in the river that passes through the village, the water was very cold but that did not stop them.  Loudly gave testimony of what is to follow Jesus.  The church that helped us to build the church is committed to send a pastor to look after this baby church that has been established now. 

Being able to come back from the mountains with all the team in one piece is always a blessing.  We had 14 from USA, 13 of them got sick but God gave them strength to keep going and work hard to share Jesus.  On the last day we were able to hike back out, no one was left behind, Praise the Lord!!!!

Your prayers were of great value and we deeply appreciate them.  Thanks once again for your faithfulness to our King by praying, giving and as time allows, going.


DAVID VEGA / Mission starts with you

Edited by Talsidia Vega

Balsa Report - June 6, 2017


Rebuilding the Church Building

It is good to greet you my friends, we have one week and half before the next team comes in, and it is a good moment to share with you a few things our Lord allowed us to see and do during these days.

Balsa is three hours hike from Raton (mother church) and we were called there with the purpose of rebuilding the church building destroyed by the summer strong winds, to start a discipleship process with the kids and to do hut to hut visitations. 

At the end of this arduous week we could see the following results:

People that said “yes” Jesus: 10.
People that started a follow up program: 20.
Gospel presented to: 20.
Church Building finished: 90%.   

This outreach was a special time for the team as well as for the community, both were captivated by God’s love as they witnessed life’s being change and in the way to a discipleship walk.  There is hunger to learn more and more about our Saviours’s words.  Overwhelming was the moment of our departure as they cried and prayed over us, not a cry of sadness but of joy that brothers from other culture and language came together in Christ.  Enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoyed living the moment. 

In Him and until He comes back again,

David and team