Centro Daira, Daira 2 and Quebrada Venado Report

Centro Daira, Daira 2 and Quebrada Venado Report


Hello my Friends again.
This month we had a team of 16 member from the US, together with a team of 5 translators we were able to reach out to three communities, these areas still do not have a church in place.   At the airport the team had to leave almost all their working materials for the airline would not allow the two bags they were entitled to bring, there was an embargo or something like this.  So in this occasion we had to do it the old way, the Bible and the Holy Ghost, what else we could have asked for.  We were ready to see God, and that we did.

Hacha Report - June 11-16, 2017

Hello, good to greet you.  This last week we had a team from Alabama, Asbury, whom we love deeply,  the purpose was to go to Hacha and brake ground and for that, using VBS with the kids was important.  A new generation needs to be impacted in order to change the future of a people group with their own.  Hacha is a Mama tata/mama chi governed area and, a new group among them has arisen, they call themselves as “cruzo ley” or the law of the cross; it is more as a denomination within the mamatatas.

The results overwhelmed us and we rejoice for them as we saw:

New born christians: 23.
Children that attended the VBS: approximately 140.
Number of people opened to receive Bible Studies: 7.

There was a great spiritual warfare for we were in the midst of three believes and they have control over many villages in the area; they came to visit us the first day, all dress in many color tunics; that was their first contact and visit of our arrival day.  

But the Lord had something even greater in store.  The first night a young man, Ishmael, stood up and received Christ (not common among them).  When the team went out hut to hut we could see the hunger there is, for hearing, learning and believing in Jesus but because of fear it is difficult for them to step in faith. That was our first experience.

On our third day while I was giving the cooks what was needed for that day, a woman and her husband came requesting prayers for a son whom was ill, I asked them when would they like us to go there, they said “now”, so at once we went to their home to pray for their little one.  

At our arrival to their home we shared a few stories of how Jesus healed the sick and the importance of Faith; we got ready to pray for the family, when I saw Rosa with tears in her eyes, at first, I thought that an insect had bitten her eye but then I noticed that she had tears in both eyes, mmm this is strange, one insect in both eyes? Strange; but no, !she was crying!, so I asked them if there was something we needed to know before praying?  Luis, her husband, said “yes, I have something to say, my wife believes the same as you do but I am not fully convinced” so we stayed and conversed with them and made a few questions, he said “I believe” and received the Lord, him and his household.  After that, we kept talking about Jesus as the only way and how important is having Him in our lives as Lord and Savior.  

Luis removing the mama tata crosses.

Luis removing the mama tata crosses.

I noticed crosses from the mamatata witch-man around his house, so I talked with Luis that now that he has Jesus in his heart he needed to get rid of things that can avoid him from following the Lord fully, for example those crosses, Luis got up at once and said “then, let’s go and throw them away.”  Wow, my heart cried and burst for the Lord was allowing us to see this (the first time for me to see).  It was raining hard, but that did not stop our cleaning up of the crosses, since then that family attended every meeting held, they are hungry for the Word.  So much to share and little space do so, but pray you are bless as much as we were.  

“Our God is greater than any other god”  He touches the deepest of one’s heart and brings forth radical changes as we could see in Luis and Rosa.  Thanks so much for Asbury team and Carl for coming and serving alongside with us and your prayers, so much needed; indeed, thanks so much for your generous giving, that allows us to do what He has called us to. 

Our Savior peace be with you.

Written by David V. / MGPanama

Bible Institute Last Session and Graduation

Our arrival to Algarrobo for our last module of the Bible Institute was smooth and dry (no rain).  We settle and got ready for starting next day at noon.  

This last module was "Church History", even though the story itself was a little complicated, things changed when we enter the section of "Church History in Latin America"; specially when we came to the point of the "conquistadores".  History tells the story from our perspective but is very different from the native's perspective, wow, at that moment the class became alive, with stories carried from generation to generation, stories told by the grandparents and so on.  By hearing them share,I felt ashamed with all the harm done to native cultures and the way in which the Gospel entered our land; it was the wrong way, not God's way.  The harm is already done and we need to learn from past mistakes.  We learned a lot of how the Mama Tata believe was born and how the Gospel came to the Ngobe reservation; all this through their sharing.  

For three year a group of almost 30 started their studies in the Institute, some very shy, others with little knowledge about the Bible and others not knowing if they will finish the 15 courses required for graduating.  Little by little some could not continue due to, coffee harvest and the need to search for a better income, others due to work, training etc, we felt sad for that but the Institute continued.  Last Saturday June the 3rd, 13 received their certificate that proved their perseverance and determination to finish well, Mateo and disciples had to travel for day and half, Simon had to walk for 5 hours and so on in order to attend. 

The last day we had to stay for the Sunday service since the car that was to pick us up, came in late; but what a blessing to hear how Pastor's Lorenzo preaching has improved, and how Domingo has changed from a shy and little talkative person to a person willing to share from the pulpit and telling me that he together with Dionisio will join the team to hacha this coming Sunday the 11th.  

Having Tate, Pastor Todd's son on board brought the local kids the challenge of playing using the kid's sign "a soccer ball".  No problem with language, they solved that.

Praise the Lord for ministries such as Crosspoint Ch, IBAC (Bible Institute) that come to be a blessing in the equipping of workers that will use properly the Word of God.  To God be the glory and thank you for holding us in prayers.

The report from the Balsa Team will follow soon.

In Him and until He comes back again,


Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.  2 Timothy 2:15.



Balsa Report - June 6, 2017


Rebuilding the Church Building

It is good to greet you my friends, we have one week and half before the next team comes in, and it is a good moment to share with you a few things our Lord allowed us to see and do during these days.

Balsa is three hours hike from Raton (mother church) and we were called there with the purpose of rebuilding the church building destroyed by the summer strong winds, to start a discipleship process with the kids and to do hut to hut visitations. 

At the end of this arduous week we could see the following results:

People that said “yes” Jesus: 10.
People that started a follow up program: 20.
Gospel presented to: 20.
Church Building finished: 90%.   

This outreach was a special time for the team as well as for the community, both were captivated by God’s love as they witnessed life’s being change and in the way to a discipleship walk.  There is hunger to learn more and more about our Saviours’s words.  Overwhelming was the moment of our departure as they cried and prayed over us, not a cry of sadness but of joy that brothers from other culture and language came together in Christ.  Enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoyed living the moment. 

In Him and until He comes back again,

David and team

Guabal Update / April 2017


Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 12.25.28 PM.png

Upon my return from Costa Rica, we visited our missionaryMateo, who is in Guabal, just to visit with him and learn how was his family.  Bernabe, my faithful friend joined me in this journey. 

We had a good surprise as we saw how nice was the road, unfortunately the advance is only 20%,  :)

Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 12.24.45 PM.png

Our arrival to Guabal was really nice,  at first sight we could see the results of the offering given by our partners,  the missionary home where Mateo and family live, is already looking good with a new kitchen place and a new bathroom (in a month time will be complete).  Is good to part of such a blessing, together with all those that gave for this to be a reality.  

They were very happy with our visit and spend time with them as well as with the beautiful church members, hungry to do their best forJesus.

Different people came over to say “hola” and share a cup of coffee accompanied with stories that talked about the Good News.  


In the evening we had a time with the leaders and went over some basic teachings with them.  We also talked about, Why are we Christians? What is the fuel of our faith? What is that, that motivates us to keep on going?  

These were key questions in the lives of the 15 + leaders and disciples that were present.   Their answers to my questions were interesting, fear was the common word, and that is because their cultures fear is present, they grow with it; they are afraid of satan, afraid of the witch, and many other things.  It was important and fundamental to reassure them, through the Word, that our fuel should not be fear, but love, love to our Savior and the one that took our place on the cross.  As we went through the Scripture and the sharing, their faces started to change, joy and peace could be seen.  Our gathering started around 8pm and ended past midnight, just sharing about the Bible and questions that arose from the sharing about proper relationship in marriage, how to be a person with a good testimony, including that your “yes” be yes and your “no” be no, etc. 

This kind of trips are very important, to be able to sit with the church leaders, because as leaders we also need advises, encouragement, love and above all search for God’s wisdom in His Word for their is hunger to learn and hunger for Jesus. 

Thank you sooooo much for keeping us in your prayers, we deeply appreciate your love shown to our family and ministry.  

God bless,   David Vega / Panama 

April 2017 Report

1. T4T Training in Costa Rica:

Is good to tell you how was our time in Costa Rica.  Mateo and Hector went with me, they are hard workers in the ministry,  we went to Costa Rica for a training about how to evangelize make disciples and plans churches more effective.

God expanded our minds and gave us a new refreshing time, not just for me but for Mateo and Heitor too.

Our small team of three with brother O'Connor.

From day one we agreed to, look, hear and learn everything we can, but with an open mind to what God wants to show us.  Trying to find God in everything and trying to hear His plans. Because at the ends of this training I will like to heard how God is showing you how to use this tool, and this is how we started the training; with a mind willing to hear God and how He wanted to use everything we were going to learn.

Our time was a real blessing, we learned so much but better than that we now know how to use these tools, we have a strategy that we going to start to use in Mateo's and Heitor's places.

In Him,  David

2. YWAM Translation:

The group integrated by students around the globe including Ngobe from the mountains. 

The group integrated by students around the globe including Ngobe from the mountains. 

Two weeks translation, besides been a challenge is spiritually enriching.  One of the things I take pleasure on doing besides evangelism and discipleship is translating,  for in some way in builds up the life's of others as well as mine.  

The first week was dedicated to "Relationships" with others, with God and with ourselves.  How attitudes affect our surroundings, our communication with the Holy Ghost and our life is affected consciously or unconsciously.

The second week, well, is something we all want but little we understand  how this works, and is "True Freedom".   In Him we have been made free from the guilt of sin, but because we collect things as we grow and go through life, it becomes hard to believe that we are truly free.  Understanding the lies the enemy made us believe up to the point in which they become part of our core of beliefs, is when our true freedom starts.  He made us unique in Him and His heart is for us to grasp His desire to brings us back to that uniqueness we have when He is the all in all in our lives.  

Thanks so much for praying, our heart is to be able to serve Him full-hearted.  The migraine  was gone for the rest of the translation time, Praise Jesus.  

In Him,  Talsy 

3- May

May is a month in which a lot of coordination needs to be done, for at the end of May and first week of June, we have the first graduation from the Bible Institute coming and at the same time we have a small team that will be doing some construction at the Balsa's Church building, because the summer wind blew it down.  In the second week and five days after the Bible Institute and Construction team leaves, a youth team from Alabama will join us in order to break the ice in Hacha and try again to start a preaching point in this small area. 

Your prayers are important to us.  Pls pray for good weather, grace before the local churches, community members, schools etc.  That our hearts may be sensitive to the Holy Ghost guidance. 

In Him and until He comes back again.  MGPanama.

"... for by grace have ye been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; 9 not of works, that no man should glory."  Ephesians 2:8-9